Butt Buddies in Hoboken

Butt Buddies in Hoboken {THE WHOLE THING IS STUPID!}

Yesterday, a shitstorm of stupidity swept through Hoboken. It involved the two-word phrase “Butt Buddies.”

Board of Education member Irene Sobolov, who is a long-time ally (puppet) of “mayor” don Zimmer apparently “missent” a text message to everyone re: Michael DeFusco – along with the words “butt buddies.”

DeFusco identifies with (and/or enjoys) being a homosexual male – which is almost entirely the reason those two words have created this entire DUMB waste of energy and time.

butt buddies Hoboken NJ Irene Sobolov - Butt Buddies in Hoboken

Why this whole “butt buddies” thing is moronic (on many levels!)

The stupid here burns. It burns from many directions. Too many to list – because no one has an attention span or power of long-term observation anymore. But some that stand out, are:

  • Only one board member called for this dolt to resign. Funny how “tolerant” they are if “one of their own” messes up. Textbook hypocrisy. If ANY of don Zimmer’s political foes did the same thing – I GUARANTEE you things would be different. In fact – one of her opponents should martyr themselves out just to prove a point.
  • It’s just words – who cares? WHY IN GOD’S NAME is the word “offensive” being tossed around like this? In fact – gay men are indeed butt buddies. Heck, it’s an accurate statement. He’s definitely not a “Breast Buddy,” or “Pootang Pal!” Geeze Louise!
  • Who is dumb and careless enough to screw up text messages? For that reason alone she should be relieved of duties due to incompetence. Get off that stupid phone, lady!

I could go on. Our society is not evolving, it’s circling the drain.

Zimmer is a weak dope

Lastly – the “mayor” don Zimmer said some stupid stuff that further demonstrates her ineptitude. Life doesn’t revolve around statements and press releases.

After the “mayor” saw a copy of Sobolov’s (pointless) text, she issued a statement condemning using those two English words as “absolutely inexcusable.” (Keep that phrase in the back of your head.)

Zimmer said, “Our city should have no tolerance for that kind of offensive language or for the distribution of it, other than for the purpose of condemning it.”

Well, isn’t that strange? Words with no course of action? Well – WHO IS FUCKING MAYOR? Why is she speaking about the city SHE RUNS so indirectly? Maybe that was a mental slip?


So much for the “no tolerance” BS.

YOU ARE TOLERATING IT 100%. The “statement” you released doesn’t say squat. YOU HAVE TOLERANCE FOR PEOPLE WHO CALL GAY DUDES “BUTT BUDDIES!” (Unless you do something about it. FACT.)


What a sham of a mayor.

Anyway – in this “news” report from some television channel – DeFusco LOOKED MAYORAL – while Zimmer was M.I.A. (bad campaign strategy) and so was Sobolov.

Sobolov was probably strategizing more retarded ways to say she “didn’t know” that “butt buddies” has long been a phrase insinuating homo activity for men. Another reason for her to quit. OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!


It’s quite possible that Sobolov, along with Zimmer and the entire “clan” absolutely hate homosexuals. Who knows. This was just scratching the surface. Once Hoboken’s version of Edward Snowden surfaces, lots of heads will roll (wink, wink).

God knows what they say when there’s a power outage.

But this offensive language shit has to stop.

Remember the two natural laws:

  1. Do as you’ve agreed to do.
  2. Do not infringe on another person or their property.

A couple words that were accidentally sent don’t violate them.

You can threaten me, call me inaccurate names, wish for this and that – as long as they remain words – and not actions – I don’t give a fuck.

You touch me inappropriately? You will get HURT.

That is the way we all should live.

However, in 2017 – the thought police and “politically correct” social justice warriors are trying to make a difference. That too, will backfire eventually. Enjoy the ride!

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