Birch Bar

Birch Bar Hoboken

Rounding out a trio of PATH bar updates this week (Mike’s Wild Moose Saloon and Hudson Ultra Bar) is Birch Bar which opened last month.

Pretty much a carbon copy of the Hudson Ultra Bar around the corner. Multiple floors of space. Bright lights. Loud “DJ” music. Sparklers and air-brained broads walking around.

15 dollar ice cream shakes hoboken nj birch bar - Birch Bar

$15 for an ice cream shake

Except they have one more added gimmick: ice cream shakes. $15 dollar ice cream shakes!

Additionally – their burger menu is EXPENSIVE! $25 bucks for a burger and fries? (See our rant about what you can prepare yourself for a tenth the cost!) Yeah, Pat LaFrieda is without a doubt our favorite, but not at those prices!

What will be “trending” in 2018: Fatter, poorer women. All the dancing in the world will not reverse that.

Description: Nightclub and bar and restaurant called Birch Bar.
Address: 92 River St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-942-9300

birch bar nightclub hoboken NJ - Birch Bar

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