Mike’s Wild Moose Saloon

Mike’s Wild Moose Saloon – Hoboken, NJ

Opened this year at 92 River Street is Mike’s Wild Moose Saloon. A plain old bar.

Mikes Wild Moose Saloon Hoboken NJ bar - Mike's Wild Moose SaloonSome folks like to say it’s not pretentious and is without “gimmicks.”

Well, a “country” bar in the middle of bike lane Hoboken is absolutely gimmicky. Hoboken is not the country! Just because you play country music and have a country theme, and even convince employees to dress the part, it is just a gimmicky bar!

To their credit, however – a country-themed bar is probably better than an overly fancy place in our opinion. But it typically boils down to the types of patrons that frequent a place anyway. And when it comes to PATH station bars, it probably doesn’t matter what the theme is – you’ll have the same mix no matter what. One of the main reasons we prefer to get our drink on elsewhere.

Description: Country-themed bar called Mike’s Wild Moose Saloon
Address: 92 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 912-9905
Online: (Only social media)

Mikes Wild Moose Saloon Hoboken NJ - Mike's Wild Moose Saloon

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