Hudson Ultra Bar Hoboken

Hudson Ultra Bar Hoboken – 16 Hudson Pl., Hoboken, NJ

Replacing the previous Teak Bar at 16 Hudson Place in Hoboken is “Hudson Ultra Bar.”

Simply a nightclub with bar and restaurant. Or as they put it: “Hoboken’s only Ultra Venue featuring an exquisite Restaurant, Unique Nightclub, & beautiful Event Space. We aim to create a unique & memorable experience!”

hudson ultra bar Hoboken NJ interior 2

More like a spectacle.

You ever see the promo videos for this joint?

I suppose scantily clad girls and sparklers and LED hats are par for the course when you want to coax people to shell out a few hundred bucks for “bottle service.”

And since when did “DJ’s” become like this? They really don’t have much skill, do they? At least the DJ’s back in the day used actual vinyl and also did some “scratching” and manual mixing.

Dunno. Not my bag, but as long as they have paying customers, what’s the harm.

Description: Nightclub bar restaurant
Address: 16 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-942-9550

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