“iPod ready” counts as an amenity?



File this under “anything to sell a Hoboken condo.”

Prospective buyers conversation:

“Hey honey, I’m stuck between the 2400 sq. ft. well-built condo uptown versus the 900 sq. ft. renovated unit downtown… what should we do?”

“Well Bill, you know that even though the condo downtown is a lot smaller, it IS by the PATH, closer to all those great bars, you know, with the Nintendo Wii, and you know what? It’s iPod Ready!

“OK Cindy, you’ve convinced me, that iPod Ready thing really tipped the scales in favor of that over-priced closet. Let’s do it!”

“I love you Bill!”

Anyway, this “next Generation of Urban living” on First Street (next to Dames Coffee – which has phenomenal coffee, by the way) touts “modern design” and “iPod Ready” as the top features.

I really feel that the iPod has over-stayed its welcome. Really. There are literally 1000’s of iPod-related accessories, features in automobiles, and now CONDOS? I think it’s time to get a grip as to what’s more important in your life. If anything to do with an iPod is a decision-making factor in your new home, you got some serious issues!!



PS, if my dog Oscar wasn’t in the picture, I wouldn’t have tortured you with this massive image. However, it’s more fun this way!

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I think a new feature on 411 should be “where’s Oscar”. Post one photo a week that happens to have him somewhere in it.


Oscar…a gentleman and a scholar!


Would seem to me that the RADON countertops are more of a selling point in that ad.


I’m going to start advertising myself as beer-ready.


Well, they’re obviously a high-tech company. After all, they almost even spelled their website name right on their sign.

I love the Random capitalizations Too:
“Introducing the next Generation of Urban living”

Those capitalizations Certainly make me Want to buy, Buy, buy.

I actually did find their website to see if there was a description of what this iPod readiness was, but no luck. My guess is the same as above – probably an i-Pod docking station mounted on the wall near the door wired to either speakers or speaker jacks in different rooms.

Jeez…I hope iPod never changes their docking interface, rendering it instantly obsolete.