Do you use evite?


We’ve all probably received (or sent) an invitation (or 100) via evite at some point in time. It was a fairly decent way to send “one-off” invites out to you gaggle of friends.

But this past Friday, evite unveiled a complete upgrade to the site. You can now integrate photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, and more! The upgrade apparently makes it easier to grab content from already existing websites into your evite options instead of requiring separate uploads of information.

The redesign also tries to make the whole site easier to navigate, with a cleaner design (despite all the annoying “roll over” Bacardi Mojito ads currently running).

Do you use evite religiously? Have you played with the new site? Is it any better?


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Yeah, I think your Friday Forty ounce is empty….


Where’s the redesign? Evite looks the same for me as it has recently.