News Lemmings {Syria}

News Lemmings {Syria}

The whole “world” is ablaze right now regarding Syria.

I’m not. Why? Because it’s all just BS.

For Christ’s sake – all the nonsense fakery from the MSM – and now all of a sudden they’re credible again?

None of us have any idea of what has actually taken place here or there. Unless you were there yourself? Everyone is reacting to news stories, videos, or “statements.”

Some might even say “carefully written scripts” as well.

Before you flip like a cheese omelet – it’s probably a better bet to withhold any opinion or change of heart until you understand it better. And that goes beyond just the “narrative,” of course. Perhaps you’ll want to know more about The Thousand Year War in the Middle East as well. That’ll give you a good starting point to seeing how all these “little” wars – are actually the same war spanning centuries.

This guy Angelo John Gage (sort of) nails it. Presuming these missile launches were even real, which he’s not happy with Trump about.

Angelo John Gage syria

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