Reminder: Why an RSS feed reader is your friend!

RSS will always be the best curated “timeline”

As various voices out there get smothered by platforms because they have ideas that are not lock step with the establishment media (mind controllers), it is VERY IMPORTANT to remind everyone again how to control your own “feed,” and not rely on those who believe they’re “holier than thou” at the various high and mighty data mining “social” networks

Great informative and inquisitive sites like Prager U have proven that they were “shadow banned.”

A comment on that site exactly mirrors what we’ve been telling everyone for years. USE RSS:

“A few years ago when Google and the other big tech companies smothered the RSS protocol in the crib, I kinda wondered “why” but didn’t really think too much about it.

Now as they move towards aggressively into censorship it becomes clear why they killed RSS… it was a decentralized mechanism for distributing content to interested parties. Individual websites can publish their content however they want (blog, website, etc) and then individual users can subscribe to the content from the publishers they’re interested in. No big tech company in the middle “curating” or censoring content.

One initial step that every conservative web publisher should take is to re-establish an RSS feed on their site. And EVERY conservative user should start using an RSS reader again, and quit using Facebook, etc.”

See 2017 “PSA” update below…

Reminder: Why an RSS feed reader is your friend!

We’ve talked about RSS feeds many times here. I will give you several reminders why an RSS feed reader is your friend. Best “technological” friend you can have at the moment.

Social media censors what you see. If you “subscribe” or “follow” anyone, any publication, etc. on social media. THEY WILL LIMIT what you will see in your stupid f*cking timelines. And most of you will rarely look at individual feeds. You’re lazy and stupid.

Almost every MSM (“mainstream media”) site also censors. But it’s not “censorship” to them. It’s more of an AGENDA. You’re a puppet and a lemming, remember?

When you actively use an RSS feed reader – you see ALL posts to a particular website, social media channel, or YouTube channel.

So why aren’t millions more “information seekers” using sites or apps like

Because they’re lazy.

RSS FEED antidote for social media - Reminder: Why an RSS feed reader is your friend!

You do NOT care about how your information is truncated!

None of you give a shit. You just want utter garbage to recycle and talk about. Are you in control of your brain? Or is it owned and sponsored by others?

I’m serious when I say – “GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS!”

I’ll say it again as a caveat – there ARE (very few and far between) times where social media is beneficial. And there might be even more important times in the future. Who knows.

But in the end – when those companies sell your souls, your footsteps, and your darkest feelings – and there are better ways to be “informed,” at what point do you do something about it?

Many marketers and hustlers say social media is THE BIG THING. And frankly, it is – for those who understand the dynamics – and how to navigate in the best (psychological) way. It’s all about manipulation and nudging. Unbeknownst to the paying participant, of course. All in the mind.

By using an RSS feed reader – and cutting off the fluff – you have just improved your digital life 1000% or more.

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