Is porn a problem?

Is porn a problem?

With the internet – and how people use it “privately,” I wonder if it’s causing some issues. Like, is porn a problem for humanity?

Some random off-the-top-of-my-mind suggestions, like:

Does porn cause:

– sex-starved radicals from incompatible countries to “rape” people?
– unstable individuals to do unGodly acts towards minors and others?

I can think of much more – but it seems that the prevalence of this sick medium (which used to be reserved for two willing participants) now has entered the minds of millions, if not billions of people.

There is so much sick stuff out there. Bondage. Violence. Defecation. And more.

Don’t you think that decades of this degrading imagery could influence and desensitize a populace of people?

And it’s not just sex and naked people either…

is porn a problem - Is porn a problem?

What do you do when technology is the enabling force?

Just like that “Facebook Killer” earlier this week. Or the “live streams” of rapes or gang violence. It is obvious that technology plays many negative roles in society.

While countless people preach the virtues of tech – especially those that create “apps” to make living in today’s world nearly effortless, not too many are seeing the bigger picture.

The long-term effects of automation and technology are really hurting the human race badly. And we have no “apples to apples” comparison available either. This is uncharted waters for certain.

There are many folks who are indeed reversing this course personally – but it’s clear as day that 99% of the rest of the technology slaves are not.

Something will give eventually.

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