What do Hoboken city employees do?

What do Hoboken city employees do exactly?

You know how they “expanded” the pedestrian oasis on Newark Street downtown last year?

And I’m sure you heard the city “tout” how great it was to have “free” seats, and so on.

So exactly why is the city so inept?

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day!

Yet – these “public seats” were chained up and not put to use.

$120 million dollar budget. Huge property tax coffers. But not ONE dope from city hall available to “manage” and unlock these chairs for use by the citizens?

What are they doing exactly? Where are they? This is about the only transparency the administration can offer these days. Transparent workers.

Hoboken public chairs remain locked on beautiful spring day - What do Hoboken city employees do?

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IMO the Mayor could care less about what is good for the residents of this city. Clearly Actions speak louder than words & those chains are symbolic of Poor Management. Not to mention Bike lanes Not being used , sidewalks are their highway of choice. Extended sidewalks without a curb make it easier for water to rise over the sidewalks & in to basements, stores Etc. Gravel around sewers cause more clogs than trash & unless you are in the millionaires club Hoboken leaders wants you gone. Continued development without any givebacks to the city are the future for sure & when this market / demand drops & it will the Tax payers will foot the bill. Time to Clean this swamp & fast before it Sinks into the Hudson


Who in their right mind would want to sit on those chairs anyway? The bums sit on those chairs, locked up or not and Piss and S*&t all over themselves and the chairs. It is disgusting, just like the benches in front of City Hall.