Zimmer will be third term “mayor” in Hoboken

Zimmer will be third term “mayor” in Hoboken

“You get what you deserve” is the term. And all those who buy into the (entirely BS) “feel good” garbage coming out of the current (two-term) “mayoral” administration will get just that.

Because “mayor” don Zimmer will remain Hoboken’s “mayor” again for another painful four years this November.

get used to zimmer for a long time in hoboken nj - Zimmer will be third term "mayor" in Hoboken

More of this.

  • Term limits? Fugghedaboutit!
  • Her own personal reasons – salary, healthcare, ego.
  • No suitable opposition candidates. A well-liked councilperson sure – who has his “trendy” sexual preferences behind him at the moment – and a “small biz” gal trying to ruffle feathers within the community.

The fact that there are (at least) three candidates dooms this moment from the get-go. Unless, of course, some “blockbuster” investigation against Zimmer is revealed at the exact precise time.

I like DeFusco and Nason – they would most certainly be a better “CEO” of Hoboken than the current “mayor” don Zimmer and the “real” shadow mayor Grossbard.

But no one understands a fraction of what is really happening. They just soak it up and accept it. Like taking a gravy-soaked baton deep where the light doesn’t shine.

Zimmer will win again.

No need to “debate” it. No need to argue facts or logical information.

YOU HAVE OUR GUARANTEE – that Zimmer will once again be at the helm of “bike lane capitol of NJ.”

And ALL of you have forgotten already – that brilliant campaign bullet point from 2007 – “Lower Taxes more than 25% in the first year alone.”

Because bike lanes and car-sharing.

Forget statistics, forget bank balances, forget all of that. As long as “the market” in Real Estate remains strong – you’ll be willful participants to the feel good sham that is taking place before your very eyes.

Not worth even trying

That is why – we’re not even going to give a crap about the next six or seven months. Of flyers. Of attack campaigns. Or even rational, logical points. Because NONE of that matters.

In fact – it would be a blessing if ALL media outlets just ignored this “race.” Put the time and energy to better use.

Because it’s fluff and useless. don Zimmer will continue being the “mayor” of Hoboken until she dies of natural causes sometime in the next 40-50 years.

That is your reality (as some MSM parrot has said) – Zimmer is your “mayor.”

Zimmer hoboken mayor forever - Zimmer will be third term "mayor" in Hoboken

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Does not matter if she wins or loses.

If she loses, she’ll only be replaced with someone similar, just with better marketing or looks.

Hoboken is already on a utopian progressive path that is probably impossible to stop, regardless of who sits in the Mayor’s office.