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Taphaus Hoboken – 800 Jackson Street

$16 hamburgers. That’s one thing Taphaus Hobken offers.

You can get TEN six ounce Pat LaFrieda burgers for the SAME cost of one single hamburger at Taphaus Hoboken Grill.

You can also get a 1.5L bottle of decent red wine (Rex Goliath or Two Vines are good choices), for about the cost of ONE glass of wine at a typical bar or restaurant.

And you can fry up five pounds of thick-cut organic french fries at home for about $5.

This is why it’s hard to get amped up about new restaurants.

taphaus hoboken interior 1 - Taphaus Hoboken - DOOMED

“Ambiance” comes with a price

What some folks call “ambiance” or “atmosphere” are just code words to make someone feel okay about over-spending their money.

No longer is it satisfying for most people to do things for themselves.

You see, for us – it’s entirely awesome to think about, plan, and prepare a meal most nights of the week. “Cleaning up” is made easier by doing it as you go along. And you get bonus “easy” nights by making enough for leftovers for the next day or so.

I mean just a quick dinner at this place (just burgers and a few drinks for two people) can easily cost $150 dollars (with tip and Uber included). To sit in a noisy room with dozens of digital TV screens blasting you in the face? Hit or miss service?

I think many folks truly misunderstand what is taking place.

They’re paying a STEEP up-charge for business overhead (employee salary, insurance, rent, as well as owner profit) in order to “enjoy” something they can quite easily provide for themselves.

That is why they “justify” the added expense – in the name of “atmosphere.”

I think a lot of people would benefit by taking a close look at their priorities – and how to prudently depart with their hard-earned money.

The “commercial” and “convenient” way of living is not sustainable in our opinion.

I think if more people had practical hobbies that consumed their time instead of “what should we do (i.e, blow money on tonight?)” mentality – our country wouldn’t be dwindling like it is.

taphaus hoboken interior 2 - Taphaus Hoboken - DOOMED

Would you ever take a break from “going out?”

Perhaps if you took a few steps back – and distanced yourself from the ooh’s and ahh’s of a new place that isn’t doing anything groundbreaking (i.e., cooking food and serving beverages) – you might understand what I’m talking about.

We’ve truly become conditioned as a society to bask in these things called restaurant or bar experiences.

Sure, it’s true that “socializing,” especially if you’re a single person – the “bar scene” might provide some positive results.

But ask yourself why the “el cheapo” bars tend to attract more people?

There’s definitely a “get out” mentality behind why people knowingly depart with their money for that “luxury” to be among others.

An interesting aspect of humanity for sure.

Description: Taphaus Hoboken. Food and drink prepared by others.
Address: 800 Jackson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-714-4040
Online: taphaushoboken.com

taphaus hoboken - Taphaus Hoboken - DOOMED

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 10:50 pm

We had dinner there recently with some friends. The food was acceptable, tasty enough.

The cost was definitely not on par with the experience. I’d rather pay a bit more and head to NYC for a excellent meal rather than an ordinary one.

But I see your point. What are you paying for exactly? Even a $300 dinner at an exclusive Manhattan steak house doesn’t fill you up any better.

Just because you can afford it, maybe isn’t enough of a justification.

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