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Media options today – How do they help?

I sit back on my perch often – waiting months, often years before an opinion is formed about anything.

I feel “watching the herds” move slowly across the plain is a better way of observing society rather than knee-jerk reacting to the “last thing” so and so (insert personality or politician here) said.

And one aspect of those herds I’m watching pertains to “media,” or more specifically – how people disseminate information, opinions, etcetera.

Not long ago…

“News” or information was relegated to either big network news, large regional newspapers, and so on. People “reacted” to that. Those sources were “trusted” as accurate. And there may have been a brief slice of history where maybe they were, in fact accurate. Who knows.

Doesn’t even matter much at this point. Their influence was profound. Nearly the entire “herd” of people responded to such news and information – despite the “deniers” (who had limited voice.)

But in the last two decades – “the interwebs” has taken the lead when it comes to the number of “tentacles” they have to the human brain. Despite the 300 channels of “mainstream” garbage being spewed via your overpriced passive entertainment boxes.

Millions of “talk shows” now!

Instead of just a handful of “talking heads” spewing whatever nonsense they spewed – now you have literally THOUSANDS of fairly popular outlets to “feed your brain” with “information.”

It could be information you agree with or other compelling broadcasts that may do a better job of being somewhat objective.

But how many of them are purely factual?

How many of them can actually be factual at all?

So much of what is happening in this world – is being done by privileged individuals – usually part of a government organization.

Do you expect honesty and facts coming from those groups?

So that essentially means – that almost EVERYONE talking about ANYTHING is basically “guessing” or just totally full of crap.

About the only people that truly shed light on anything – are the government “leakers” (like Snowden, Assange or similar). And even THEN we cannot be certain that’s not a PsyOp as well!

Believe the observers

The people that watch society – and keep track of things either statistically – or via simple observation – are the ones that you should listen to.

If we say that because we’ve been watching the sidewalks for decades – and can tell that most folks are absorbed in their digital devices – you should believe us. Not some stupid “chart” or study that is published.

Not everyone can observe, by the way.

Truly “seeing” what is going on around you requires special skills.

One of the most important – is to NEVER have an objective. Let the observation TELL YOU what is going on. You’ll know it when you see it.

Like if you all of a sudden realize most couples are interracial – then you know there was a profound shift in human mentality. You begin to try and understand the connection between the events and the actions.

media options influence - Media options

Media is manipulative.

Watch some of those YouTube “FAIL” compilations. IT can be almost anything.

You see ordinary dopes across America doing stupid shit.

But I see white kids listening to (crappy) hip-hop and trying to dunk a basketball. Or MOST people mimicking Hollywood movies, TV shows, etc.

It makes you realize how many people are just fucking suckers for this mindless entertainment – to the point where they have NO IDEA how they became the way the did.

Sickening to me – especially considering the millions of quality books out there.

(Shakes his head in sadness)…

Finding the “good seeds”

Like we said – there are literally millions of people communicating regularly on a myriad of online platforms. Videos. Social media. Blogs. Podcasts. Mind-numbing.

And equally ineffective. A million different directions – with no “majority” for the most part.

However, there are “Good Seeds,” that need more followers. Those are the ones that truly present really objective reporting, or whatever you want to call it.

We prefer the ones that talk about the removal of “gov’t” control entirely. While we don’t “identify” as Libertarians – many of their core principles apply to our mentality.

“Leave me alone.”

Rules, regulations and other financial penalties will eventually result in the ruin of this country – as well as many others. You can only band-aid so much before you starve the entire body. Or as they say – the virus starves the host- and they both die.

Next to impossible to shift the mindset of the populous

Just to sum up. We have a population not just in America – but across many geographical borders – that are either on one side – or another. And that’s not even including the another LARGE faction called religion (Christianity, Islam, or whatever). It’s a clusterfuck.

And within that mass of several billion people – are probably a few hundred thousand – who can see things differently.

They remove religion, and class, and many other things. They just want people to have the opportunity to do what they wish and still make a decent living.

So outnumbered the people who have common sense versus those who do not.

A lost cause, in our opinion.

But the need to at least try – does not go away. You want to have hope that people can see. Despite being shafted like Charlie Brown kicking the football – you keep trying.

I guess that’s all you can do. Have hope for humanity.

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