Bluestone Lane Coffee

Bluestone Lane – 409 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

bluestone lane coffee hoboken stampBluestone Lane. A new coffee shop taking the place of the (twice) doomed Crumbs Bakeshop at 409 Washington St. will open their doors to the public on Monday, April 3, 2017.

First, a little background to cut through the fluff and emotional branding. In other words, the “blueprint” for (most) businesses in 2017:

Take a basic concept like food and beverage – give it a perception that it is more than just that;

  • Lay out fancy decor, props, and signs.
  • Use current buzz phrases like “artisan,” “hand-crafted,” “organic,” “premium,” and so on.
  • Add in another useless app, plus heavy social media updates, photos of drink and food.

And presto! You have a business where a cup of coffee and a sandwich costs $20 – perfectly catered to millennials lacking critical thinking skills.

But wait, there’s more!

Bluestone Lane Coffee Hoboken NJ 409 Washington Street

Bluestone Lane a cashless business – is that legal?

Apparently – Bluestone Lane is a completely cashless business. Only credit cards or their stupid app. I thought all businesses are required by law to accept cash – WHICH IS LEGAL TENDER FOR CONDUCTING TRANSACTIONS?


Here are their GOD-AWFUL justifications for not accepting cash (our comments in yellow).

As of October 31st we’ll be accepting credit cards and Loyalty App purchases only.

There are a number of reasons why this benefits you:

  1. Increased checkout speed
    Less people counting exact change = faster checkouts.
    (Stupid. No difference between cash and credit transaction. In fact – have you seen how long it takes at some stores? Useless point).
  2. The technology is here
    The technology is here for businesses to be cashless.
    (SO WHAT? “The technology” is also here for you to be spied on 24/7. I don’t want my coffee purchases in ANY database!)
  3. It’s a more sustainable option
    Less vehicles moving money around the city.
    (HOLY CRAP – I call bullsh*t on that one. ANYONE dumb enough to believe that drivel needs to re-evaluate where they went wrong in their life.)
  4. Enhanced store operations
    Less time counting and more time making your day great.
    (WHAT? Who comes up with this? What about the time you’ll be on the phone with tech-support when your credit card processing goes awry? I’m afraid for our future generations, that’s for sure!)

We’ll pass on this solely for their pie in the sky mentality.

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And then there’s a disruption in the internet provider which happens often, and they won’t be able to sell anything since they will be crippled by their policy

rich k
rich k

“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private”


Are they going to make it a job requirement that ALL employees walk or ride a bike to work? What is with that less vehicles moving money around nonsense?

How are they going to get their deliveries? By mule? Tele porter?

Thankfully, someone points out the ludicrous nature of this company. It’s getting worse by the month. The bullshit meter is off the scale.


Why wouldn’t a business want to take cash to avoid the 3% or higher credit card processing fees? Something does not smell right.


If they won’t take my cold hard cash, they won’t get my business.