Bikes cripple cities

Letter: Bikes cripple cities

Below is another insightful observation from Rev. Santora of Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken.

bikes cripple cities like hoboken NJ - Bikes cripple cities

“Despite his many faults, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop has a reputation for being a smart cookie. But his mind may be significantly impaired as he proposes to install a protected bicycle lane along parts of Grand Street in downtown Jersey City.

This is one of the most traveled roads in the entire city. With the explosion of residences and businesses along the waterfront, Grand Street is a major thoroughfare bringing out-of-towners here via the N.J. Turnpike, which crosses over Grand, and allows residents to drive to Jersey destinations. The traffic is often backed-up.

And this poses problems with ambulances getting to and from the Jersey City Medical Center and other institutions like St. Peter’s Prep, the huge P.S. #4 Frank R. Conwell Middle School and a shopping mall. But that does not seem to faze Fulop, who wants to cater to the cycling class.

But all he has to do is drive over to his northern neighbor, Hoboken, — if he can ever get into town – and see what his twin, Dawn Zimmer, has done to ruin Observer Highway. I’ll hand him a “Hamilton” for every bicycle he spots in that spacious, often vacant bicycle lane while he creeps along. He should learn from the Queen of Clogged Arteries – and I’m not talking about blood vessels.

I have to give Fulop credit, however, for putting a kibosh on another of Zimmer’s traffic tie-ups. She wants to make Paterson Plank Road one way out of Hoboken, which would clog Jersey City Heights thoroughfares. And make the three Downtown entrances into Hoboken probably backed beyond the entrance to the Holland Tunnel 24-7.

How did we get two carpetbagger – oops, out-of-towner – mayors with granola head mentalities who cater to the minority residents jeopardizing the economic health of their communities and spreading to all of Hudson County?

Zimmer has plateaued and sunk since she was first elected after the Peter Cammarano flameout in 2009. She was a minority mayor in 2013 garnering less than 50 percent of the vote. She seems to have no ambition for higher office and has found her niche crucifying car owners and drivers in and through Hoboken. Some day she will propose closing the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels because they attract too many autos in town.

Fulop oozes ambition and spent more time in the rest of Jersey since he was elected in 2013 racking up campaign chits for a gubernatorial run. For some unexplained reason, Drumthwacket , the governor’s mansion, lost its lure and he’s content living on Ogden Avenue, where he can survey the expanse of Hoboken.

And what he sees every day are clogged streets, most of the day, evenings and weekends. He must hear the beeping car horns and on windy days, smell the pollution of idling cars wafting upwards. And yet, still, he wants to inflict this mayhem on Downtown Jersey City’s Grand Street, which will only push more traffic through his cherished Ward E voters. If he’s smart, he’ll abandon this plan. “

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” She seems to have no ambition for higher office and has found her niche crucifying car owners and drivers in and through Hoboken.” …Well said! Time to oust this Mayor. She should spend some time in Purgatory for the Sins she has committed against the good people of Hoboken. Eventually there is going to be a serious accident caused by these idiotic bike lanes and the blood will lead to the mayor’s office. Stupid Lady. Stupid Bike lanes!