60 Minutes “Fake News” Investigation is Just More Fake News!!!

60 Minutes “Fake News” Investigation is Just More Fake News!!!

When “legitimate” “news organizations” like 60 minutes put their “thinking caps” on to produce a story – there is typically a “M.O.” behind it. Case in point is a story they ran yesterday on circling the drain “mainstream” television.

One of my favorite online personalities Mark Dice, who is no stranger at exposing how completely dumbed-down most ordinary citizens in America are – points out:

“CBS 60 Minutes aired an investigation into fake news which was mostly fake news itself. The “fake news” scare was drummed up immediately after the election as an excuse to censor and shut down alternative media outlets.”

They put a supposedly “respectable,” soft-talking “reporter” on the screen to give them legitimacy. But it doesn’t take a moron to realize they’re in “damage control mode,” and their continuance of the racket is NOT helping them whatsoever. Teflon-coated slippery slope they’re on.

The days of respectable, honest TV are not over. It’s clear as day – that they never existed. We were all being DUPED beyond belief.

Man, I bet they’re hating the internet more and more as each day passes by. That is why you’re seeing more and more censorship and other bogus “restrictions” being attempted by the perceived big players online. That too will pass. Because the number of alternative non-controlling sites are popping up like spring flowers every day.

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