Fake Hoboken “mayor” Zimmer lies about parks

Fake Hoboken “mayor” Zimmer lies about parks

You guys need an update about fake Hoboken “mayor” Zimmer. For real.

The amount of her own BS that she believes is astonishing. Especially what she (or zhe or it) is peddling via their personal online soapbox. Claiming that she is SOLELY responsible for “acres” of NEW parkland being added to Hoboken? WTF?

(In case you need reference – an acre of land is approximately 208 feet by 208 feet. The exact footprint of one WTC tower).

fake hoboken mayor zimmer lies about parks

“mayor” don zimmer has not technically added an INCH of parkland – let alone “acres”

She says she’s added “acres” of new parkland. BS ALERT! Technically she hasn’t added an inch. NOT ONE!

  • Pier C Park was bought and built under former Mayor David Roberts. Her job was to fix the rusty decaying railing and it took her years. There are STILL sections of waterfront railings that are of EXTREME DANGER to toddlers! What about the CHILDREN, don?
  • 1600 Park, again the land was purchased by former Mayor David Roberts. “mayor” don took FOUR years to plunk down a crappy soccer field and she only did that because it was an election year. Bare minimum effort. El Crappo design, too!
  • The infamous “Southwest Park” – technically it HAS NOT been built. And it’s LESS THAN AN ACRE anyway, once it is done being a bullet point in her “legacy.”

So where are these “ACRES” of parks she’s claiming to have “ADDED?” It’s been EIGHT years, where are they? We suspect these “acres” of space – are just VOIDS in her brain! That is why this nonsense is spewing like a broken water main!

And as a side-note, what happened to her mighty council-at-large “team” she ran with? She’s only posing for photos with brown-nosed Ravi “Pay For Play” Bhalla in her highlighted photographs. Are Dopey Doyle and Moronic Mello getting the “heave-ho” because (shadow mayor) Stan “the unsure he’s a man” can’t manage them anymore?

This either reeks of complete political failure – or a brilliant off-Broadway production of human insanity. Either way – NOT a good administration to properly handle city affairs.

Maybe it’s time for the residents of Hoboken to realize how they’ve been duped to the maximum. Yet most continue to soak it up like willing torture participants. HAHA!

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