Wikibuy – DO NOT USE!

Wikibuy – DO NOT USE! {this browser extension}

Wikibuy is this “new” browser plugin that claims to save you money when shopping on Amazon.

The concept sounds novel and neat. It claims to “shop around” for you. At places like Walmart, Target, even BS money-losing startups like Jet, in order to save a few pennies (literally) off of what you’re buying.

It might even work in your favor in some instances.

However, for the very negligible upside benefit – the DOWNSIDES are tremendous.

  • Different vendors
  • Shopping history
  • intermediary – returns are difficult
  • often sent wrong products (especially with Walmart) because the product descriptions are often misaligned and you get shipped products that you didn’t order.
  • Fake markups. Other users have complained – especially when traversing the eBay marketplace – that this app artificially marks up prices.

wikibuy avoid - Wikibuy - DO NOT USE!


For one – this company is shifty because they’re not transparent with their ownership.

Two, you have to use THIER credit card to make the purchase. Yes. They’re a financial intermediary. You pay them, they pay Amazon, or Walmart, or whomever. They’re making money on the financial transaction too. Fishy.

This is an obvious attempt to harm “King of the hill” Amazon. And it’s not being done honestly. People don’t want to earn their credibility with hard work and effort anymore. This is just a way to deviously undermine a competitor that just does things better than them. No respect for this Wikibuy plugin.

You’re better off using CamelCamelCamel to check price history.Or even pricegrabber if it’s a high priced item.

Other plugins like HONEY also search for coupon codes, etc.

Wikibuy is a SCAM – and I would never trust that “application” on my computer – EVEN IF IT WAS UNINSTALLED. I suspect they’re still tracking you if you tried it and stopped using.

Avoid. Not worth the risk. NEVER INSTALL THIS THING! It will track you even if you think it doesn’t!

In the end – the best way to save money is to stop buying stupid crap you don’t need, that will be obsolete in six months anyway.

There. Now give me a cut of your savings.

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I don’t understand what’s so hard about checking a few sites for prices. I’m either going to buy something from Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, Ace, or Home Depot (last resort.) It took me just a few minutes this morning to check out a few products.