Sign of Spring in Hoboken

Sign of Spring in Hoboken NJ {another water main break}

Most people associate onset of spring with certain signs. Like Robins pecking away in the grass. Or sprouting flower buds. Or short skirts and tank tops. A definite sing of spring in Hoboken is WATER MAIN BREAKS.

What started out as a mere “trickle” (I piss more than that), still required traffic-disrupting repairs from Suez Water.

(This happened at 6th & Willow earlier this afternoon and caused traffic delays and bus route re-routing.)

When are you going to realize that “bike lanes” touted by the FAKE “mayor” are no suitable band-aid for ROTTEN INFRASTRUCTURE!? This is like believing certain religions are “religions of peace.” The stupidity is astonishing.

And not only is this a sign of spring in Hoboken – it’s a sign of every season, month, week and day as well! Sort of like “Big Ben Parliament” in National Lampoons European Vacation. Just with water mains instead.

Have a nice weekend!

sign of spring in Hoboken NJ water main break

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