Who steals bubbles?


I didn’t hear about this warehouse break-in on June 10th, but a Hoboken411 reader sent this story in about some thieves that stole 6,000 toys as well as 6800 pounds of “bubble solution” used for the off-Broadway “Gazillion Bubbles Show.”

From 1010wins:


Off-Broadway Bubble Show’s N.J. Warehouse Looted

The bubble might have burst for off-Broadway’s “Gazillion Bubbles Show.” Someone has stolen the show’s specialized soapy bubble solution, which takes two months to make.

A show spokesman says 3.4 tons of bubble solution and 6,000 toys went missing in the June 10 break-in at a Hoboken, N.J., warehouse.

The show has only six weeks of solution on hand to make the air-filled globes of soapy film.

The interactive “Gazillion Bubbles Show” was created by renowned bubble artist Fan Yang. It features dazzling light effects, lasers and lots of bubbles — some so intricate they have smoke or even other bubbles inside them.

Yang and his wife, Ana Yang, also have a bubble show in Las Vegas.

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[quote comment=”95158″]Clearly not. The stolen bubbles were of moderate to large size.[/quote]

Yeah, but Don Ho wouldn’t know that – since the bubbles weren’t yet inflated. Man, when he finds out, he’s gonna be pissed.

(btw, Don Ho passed last year – RIP)


I hate to um burst your bubble, but thieves will steal anything. 🙂


Clearly not. The stolen bubbles were of moderate to large size.


[quote comment=”95144″]It had to be Don Ho[/quote]
Ha Ha Ha


It had to be Don Ho