Breaking Gossip v2

Breaking Gossip or Breaking News?

Each time I see some stupid-ass twitter tweet twat or headline that says something


– most often HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD – it makes me cringe.

The only thing it’s breaking is your attention span.

Breaking should be reserved for things that WILL immediately affect you – or soon. That would mean just a few things.

Like something is happening in your immediate area, block, building. “Breaking – the building is on fire!” Should be seen only by those who might need that information. “Breaking – some Jewish guy is responsible for the Jewish center bomb threats” does not need that urgent tone to it.

“Breaking” is a way to make the author feel important. Like for the five seconds they have (yet another stupid word) the “Exclusive.”

In fact – Out of the last 10,000 “breaking” headlines I’ve come across. Absolutely NOT ONE OF THEM affected my life. In other words – my life would have been the same (or better) if I never knew that information.

Breaking is just a code word for “gossip” or bullshit crap to talk about instead of doing something productive.

It would be “breaking” if most people understood that. But ain’t gonna happen.

breaking news please make it stop - Breaking Gossip v2

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