Beautiful is not what it used to be

Beautiful is not what it used to be in 2017

Beautiful, sexy, hot. A few decades ago – a woman who met that criteria, provided she wasn’t a total retard – was more than enough to have a happy life with. But beautiful is not what it used to be anymore.

Let me explain.

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There was a point in time, that most women were just that – fun, perky, playful and feminine – WOMEN. They respected what the word “man” meant. And they also respected their roles in life, relationships and families.

They were a pleasure to be around. Served as eye-candy. But still had skills – like cooking, cleaning, and even parenting. Most even had personalities!

They knew how to read a map, help themselves, and make things happen. They were not needy and understood the man’s role in a household.

It was understood that the relationship between a man and woman relied on key dynamics. A puzzle piece, so to say. A “Yin and Yang” type symmetry. Being complementary was a strength.

Yes, women objectified themselves differently in days past. For their MAN. Their mission was to please the man in the relationship – while also being useful and productive.

Today – women use their beauty as a weapon

I’m a strong observer of the world around me. And the trend I’ve noticed in just the last decade is disturbing to me.

Has nothing going on EXCEPT yoga pants.

Yes, there are gobs of “hot” women out there – of all ages. Maybe even more than days past.

Hot on the surface, at least.

But I see mostly UGLY ladies when I observe beyond the superficial. A quart of liquid Viagra would do me no good.

Just because a woman is in shape, dresses sexy or even provocatively does not mean she is beautiful as a whole.

Her behavior, actions, body language, and non-verbal communications have the ability to CRUSH that outward “sexiness” to oblivion. To the point where they are entirely grotesque.

The sad thing is – that “they” (collectively most modern women) can not, and will not ever be able to understand this – especially since they’ve recently become “empowered.” But by what?

Social media and “feminism” are the death of strong families and relationships

As the gender issues are force-fed to the populous day in and day out, it’s having a major effect on that retarded populous.

A shitty life!

Women are being conditioned into thinking about being strong, getting the best, workplace equality, and so on.

They’re consequentially being UN-conditioned from wanting a good family, being a good girlfriend, wife or mother. “Screw that crap” is what they are being indoctrinated into believing. “I’ll work hard, get lots of money, have the hottest guys (and most burning STD’s),” and so on. Success is not a wholesome family anymore. It’s a hot body and expensive garbage that will not fit into your casket when you die.

And as these “ladies” progress (and age in the process), time is their Kryptonite. While year after year passes by – and while they feel “popular” and “liked” by many on their social networks, good men are finding true women and settling down.

What’s left is the gender equivalent of these ladies. Men, who are also superficial, competitive, and shallow. And often more feminine than them! When most of these “empowered” women (even with great careers, perfect bodies, teeth, and hair) think they’ve “struck it rich,” the same shallow disease that affected them – will cause their equally shallow dick-head of a “man” to go pork some illegal alien just for fun. Wah-Wahhh! Sorry!

Whoops. Maybe you should have chosen a more wholesome, honest life?

Don’t be so cocky and over-confident, ladies

One seriously obvious effect of the social media, narcissistic “me, me, me” trend over the past decade is EXAGGERATED SENSE OF IMPORTANCE.

The trend. Today, at least.

The number of women, girls, whatever you want to label them as – walking around like they are celebrities, divas, or “holier than thou,” is mind-boggling.

I can see it in their faces.

After years of being “adored” on their social media timelines, they feel that metric passes on into real life. It does not. You still need to earn “cred.” That is your delusional digital mind transferring into organic reality. Whoops, again!

Just because you’re wearing aviator glasses, have nice skin, and fancy brand-name jeans and are in shape – doesn’t do much for you – if you sound like a bumbling f*ck-face when you open your mouth. Or cannot handle a tough question, or get put into a difficult situation. Or have to constantly swipe your phone heads-down while in the actual “public.” You’re a useless addict at that point! Go away! Go home! Read a book!

How you present yourself physically (not online) is a BIGGER portion of your personality “net worth” than you think. Especially if you’re in “uncharted waters.”

Things are indeed different today (financially and more)

In all seriousness – things in 2017 are different, not just socially – but for other reasons.

One major aspect is from a financial perspective.


For the most part.

With the exception of very high-income earners (over 500k), most families today need dual incomes to survive.

When I was growing up – my father was able to buy a house, have two cars and raise three kids (including one handicapped – not me) making less than 30k a year. And the house was paid off fast! And college!

Without getting into too much detail in regards to this sub-subject – we feel that “destroying” the strength of the family is one way to destroy a country. And destruction is what is happening before our very eyes. Email me if you want to have a deeper conversation about this. I promise you this was not by accident. It was by design. As is most of the friction you see on planet Earth.

What can ladies do, then?

To all the girls, women, ladies out there – please go back to basics.

A wholesome, nice girl.

Stop trying to be men. You have limited testosterone (depending on what you eat and drink), so let men be the “soldiers” in your life. And not just financially, but physically and mentally as well.

And what woman likes an effeminate, skinny pants wearing girly-man? How is that biologically possible? Lesbianism?

I see all these seriously “BUFF” chicks out there. 9% body-fat. 8-pack abs. Giant guns. Flat tits. What is that? That is not feminine! Stop doing that today! Who are you? Why do you want to be a man? You’ll never have a penis. Stop! Get with the program! Stop being dumb!

Also – stop plastering your pristine bodies with filthy tattoos. You look like trash. Like gutter juice. Dirty, used garbage. Not cute. Not sexy. You feel like a gross piece of clothing at a second-hand shop. It’s unappealing to REAL men. I don’t care what your Instagram feed says or your stupid photo timeline either. “IDIOT” is all I can come up with.

I don’t know – I can go on and on (all my posts are single drafts).

Just model yourself after the ladies in Japan. Respect. Humbleness. And honor your man, and serve the family.

THAT will make America Great Again.

beautiful not what it used to be

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Well said. Bravery for putting it out there too. Most do no want to hear that. No deep thought is welcome.

Each day it becomes more clear what is happening around us. Not positive. Make preparations, and remain strong.