Chemtrails, Contrails – the unasked questions

Chemtrails, Contrails – the unasked questions

The chemtrail conspiracy theorists have a lot of questions to answer. I see doomsday articles about chemtrails and how people claim they’re “getting sprayed” by jets flying overhead.

Some say this is “poisoning,” or “population control.” Others claim it’s “weather modification,” and so on.

All entertaining and sometimes even interesting and quite compelling. But if you peel back the layers of these so-called conspiracies – some very basic questions never, ever get covered.

Such as:

  • Yes, it sounds like a useful “weapon” to be militarily used against enemy countries – but why our own country?
  • With “sprayings” supposedly happening across the country daily – this operation would require thousands of people. How can you keep this type of thing secret with no bonafide leaks?
  • This operation would also cost a lot of money. As well as companies to make and supply the chemicals. More potential leaks, but no smoking gun(s)?
  • With all the people involved – how do they prevent themselves from being “sprayed” as well? Or their friends and families that most likely live underneath the areas being “sprayed?” Do they have pills that make them immune to whatever supposed chemicals are being sprayed? This is the question I feel puts the whole thing in doubt.
  • I can understand making people “sick,” would mean profits for certain people (i.e., medical). But who really benefits by spraying millions of humans?

Until the chemtrail conspiracy folks can figure out this M.O. – or truly break this whole conspiracy out with complete facts – I think it’s time to really stop wasting resources on this subject.

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