Old School way of handling lost packages

Old School way of handling lost packages

Got this email from Randy Wicker in Hoboken.

He posted a (super long) 14-minute video of him trying to get to the bottom of a package he received that didn’t belong to him.

This is a brilliant slice of the differences between generations.

There are so many things “right” about this – as well as many things “wrong.” I’ll bulletize them after the video (in no particular order).

I’ll be honest – the video was a bit “painful” to watch. Because there were so many things wrong with it, such as:

  • Why is he calling all these people? Just give the package back to the UPS driver – and tell him to bring it back to the distribution center and let THEM figure it out!
  • And WHO opens packages that weren’t meant for them? I think with United States Mail, that is a Federal offense. Not sure with UPS or FedEx.

However – this video shows you a glimpse of people wanting to do the right thing. Which is a rarity these days.

  • He calls all sorts of numbers. Even though he’s clueless for the most part – he’s making an attempt to right a wrong. Even calling the recipient!

I feel bad for Randy. This misdelivered packaged seems to have caused him grief. He was literally upset about it. Angry. He wanted “laws” to be passed to alleviate these situations.

However, he doesn’t understand that these companies really don’t give a crap for the most part. They have their logistics software that works incredibly well 99.9% of the time. The 0.1% of the time is just a “shrug” of the shoulders.

Most UPS or FedEx drivers don’t give a crap. The system works so well. SO WELL, that these “anomalies” don’t muster up much emotion. It’s probably a pain in the neck when there is a snafu in the process.

Not many people would get personally involved with something like this. Which is good and bad, depending on your perspective. I guess back in the day people just wanted to do the right thing. Today, companies probably feel it costs too much to strive for 100% perfection – and would rather write off the losses – and move on to other packages.

What would you have done? Return the package to the shipper? Or go on a wild goose chase to “get to the bottom of it?”

old school way of solving problems in Hoboken NJ

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