Communication skills – gone?

Communication skills – gone?

What happened to basic communication skills? Are they just plainly gone?

We have a lost and found section here on Hoboken411 – not frequently used – but it has been successful many times.

Typically – I (have to) tell people who lost stuff some basic information, like “call the police station,” etc. Or even the phone number of the restaurant they were at. Common sense stuff.

People have become 140-character or less thinkers

Something interesting came across our inbox recently. A reader lost something, and clicked our lost and found story, and emailed us.

I was thinking “Great, I’ll try to help this person out by getting the word out there…” or “I’ll steer them in the right direction…”

But this was entire content of the email:

Wallet (first last name)

No other details. Not when. Not where. No info about a reward. No phone number, etc. Just three frickin’ words.

Judging by the email address – this person was probably 31, 32 years old. Making them an older “millennial.” Which is why the information was so scant.

In the past, I’d respond to the person, asking for more.

But today? Not going to do that.

People put such little effort into communicating, especially with the advent of social media and short snippets of useless data. Why should I put any effort back?

My take: You lost your wallet. You were probably drunk and careless. Figure out a better way next time. Like a wallet chain or other method.

communication skills poor - Communication skills - gone?

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