Businesses escaping social media?

Businesses escaping social media? {is it possible in 2017?}

Yesterday, we posted a story about how people can exactly go about extraditing themselves from the cesspool known as social media.

However, the choice is much more difficult for most businesses out there these days.

We’re hearing stories far and wide about how (most) businesses absolutely NEED social media in order to survive. The mentally-enslaved morons of the world cannot seem to do anything without it. So even the most mundane business needs to “promote” themselves via these static-filled venues of constant attention-seeking.

It’s kind of sad, really.

We were at a health-food store a few days ago, and we saw an employee take some boxes of products to a back table and photograph them.

I asked her: “Social media post?” And she replied (with a disgruntled face), “Yeah, we have to make several posts a day.” The most empty and dissatisfied expression I’d seen in a month.

“It feels so fake, shallow, and hollow,” she said. In return, I asked her – “Then why are you doing it?” She said, “The boss wants us to do it, and it helps our sales.”

“So taking photos of boxes of tea along with a “YUM” helps sales?” I asked. “Yeah, we get people coming into our stores solely because they saw it on Facebook,” she replied.

“I feel like I’m manipulating people unnaturally,” she continued. “Normally people just buy things when then need or want them on their own, not because a pretty photo of merchandise hits their timeline. I feel like a pimp. This is as close to soulless as I can get.”

escaping social media

Why do businesses need social media?

  • Is it because everyone is doing it?
  • Will you be left behind if you DON’T do it?
  • Is social media the only thing that has merit?
  • Has customer service, prices, selection and quality fallen behind?

I’ve mentioned before – that it would be an amazing REVOLUTION if businesses collectively said GOODBYE to this utter waste of time called social media.

But it requires a team effort. Because of the number of folks who are ON social media – does play a role.

If just a few businesses say “F-U,” then the remaining ones will capitalize.

However, as the tide is turning in our opinion – I think the pioneers of “cutting the cord” stand to have some kind of advantage for leading the way. A revolution usually starts with just a few.

So any business who is sick of the shallow, empty, bullshit feeling they get when they hawk their goods in a digital matrix – here is a “form-letter” for you guys. Feel free to edit or tailor to your needs. But this is a good start:

Form letter for businesses to say goodbye to social media

Dear customers and followers:

We have taken a major step towards bringing our business back to basics. While we have been led to believe that the last (insert number of years online) years interacting with you all on (insert all social media networks here) has been great – we do not feel that way any longer.

With so many ways to communicate with you all, it has come at a great cost to our personal well-being as well as business productivity and efficiency.

We spend more time chit-chatting over mundane things, instead of focusing on the core values of our business. Many of you have problems that were never problems just a decade ago.

In the beginning, it was fun to have conversations with our customers. We even saw a sales volume benefit. Today, it has turned into a full-time “damage-control” and “tread lightly” politically-correct shit-fest.

Each customer that has a (VERY) minor problem with us will TWEET THE WORLD about their dissatisfaction before trying to work it out with us first. This puts us in an unfair defensive position. So much American productivity lost because of a loudmouth with a decent amount of followers. We have to stop what we’re doing to correct their misunderstandings due to laziness. Being on social media has kept us on the precipice of total business failure each and every day since.

That said – we are unplugging as a business.

We love your patronage – and those that understand what we’re saying – we appreciate that.

Those who need constant contact with us, don’t be dismayed. You can come speak to us face to face ANY day we’re open, and we’ll speak truly right back at you. Novel concept, right?

But we’re disconnecting ALL of our social media effective immediately.

We’ll still run a periodic EMAIL newsletter – which will contain coupons or other specials.

And if you visit our website – we’ll have those specials there.

Subscribe to both our email newsletter – or even better – our RSS feed – and you can be in touch with us as you wish.

If you still love our business – and love social media, feel free to help us by sending positive messages out along with links to our phone or web properties.

But DONE we are with social media. It will help our business – as well as our peace of mind to shed this burden from our lives.

We hope you still love us as an (insert cool thing you specialize in here), and we’re always willing to help. We love being part of the community – and we will continue in real flesh and blood. Just not digital bits and bytes any longer. The time has come.

Hope you understand, and maybe we’ll get to see you more often (in person).

(insert business name, owner, etc. here)

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