Form-letter to escape social media {personally}

Form-letter to escape social media {personally}

As time goes on, more and more people I interact with – are seeing the writing on the wall that we’ve seen for a long while. That social media and “communicating” with so-called friends and acquaintances (via social media) is not doing much for them in their lives. At least when you peel back the “layers.”

When they take a pause and look at what it has done to their lives, and for them – they take a tally and compare the interesting (otherwise unavailable) opportunities versus the time wasted and how it’s changed their daily routine. In some cases, people say “whoa!”

It can appear to be a “necessity” in life, as most people are involved fairly deeply. Their social media involvement has become a mandatory aspect of their lives. A crutch. A ball and chain.

Some people do not enjoy how fast and completely it’s changed them.

And some folks I know – along with watching a brilliant production like Black Mirror – are beginning to question it a lot more.

escape social media saying goodbye - Form-letter to escape social media {personally}

Dear Followers: Things will be different for me starting today

The following is a “form-letter” I’ve prepared – for anyone who is ready to either terminate – or dramatically curtail their use of social media. It’s a “post” you can use (edit to your liking) to tell your “friends” or “followers” that you’re changing your life for the better.

Hi everyone – As you know, I’ve been on (insert social media network name here) for (insert number of years here) and have posted (insert the number of posts here) times.

I am no longer going to do this.

While it’s been “fun,” and I’ve re-acquainted myself with many people – I feel that this is not normal anymore. Rehashing things from long ago has been interesting, but we feel that things fell by the wayside for a reason. Most of them good reasons, too.

Time does a funny thing to people. And it’s not just because we didn’t have today’s technology yesterday. It’s because it was the natural state of affairs. People change. Locations change. Circumstances change. Therefore, so do our immediate surroundings and contacts.

Remembering good times in the past does not mean we can replicate them again today. Yes, it can be fun reminiscing the old days, but look at most rock bands that have reunions… not always a pretty sight.

That being said – I am not completely incommunicado. You can reach me via email here (insert your email address here).

If you want to have a one on one conversation? That’s how. If you’re local to me – you can call me as well (you have our phone – if not, I’ll email it to you).

In a week or two or three – we’re going to delete these apps on our phones. We’ll keep the accounts active just in case we want to check them via a traditional web browser. However, no longer are “updates” or “notifications” going to interrupt our days. Our phones will be used for email and phone calls primarily. And whatever other stupid apps we’re still struggling to eliminate.

So that’s it. Nice chatting – and hopefully our good friends will remain so, and understand our choices. We’ll still be here in mind and body – just not on this dehumanizing digital matrix called social media. We’re going back to finer pastures, and hope you join us.

Lastly – if we “lose touch” because we’re no longer participating in this “digital whorehouse” – well, then it was meant to be. No hard feelings!

(insert name(s) here)

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