Celebrity Drug Arrests {Artie Lange}

Artie Lange arrested for drugs. SO F*CKING WHAT?

Jeez – the fact that these types of stories even exist make my teeth hurt. There is so much I don’t care about in this Artie Lange coke and heroin arrest story. But something has to be said.

  1. Any kind of celebrity story is annoying. Just because someone became famous or relatively well-known for some other reason (acting, comedy, sports, music, TV) – everyday ordinary “crimes” become interesting for the losers of the world. They’re just wasting your time with gossip and other feel-good biases.
  2. These “crimes” are useless. They are 100% victim-free “crimes.” If Artie (or any other dope) wants to get high, go broke or die – by all means. As long as you’re not directly hurting anyone else.
  3. Furthermore – because they’re victimless crimes, why do armed government thugs need to be involved? Well, they won’t tell you this – but these victimless crimes are crimes to the gov’t because they cannot collect taxes on them. Pure and simple. Marijuana is legal in many states now – because the government is profiting in some shape or form.

Wrong that we give a crap what Artie Lange is doing to himself. And wrong that this type of crap is deemed illegal. And wrong that anyone gives a crap.

Artie Lange Arrested for drugs in Hoboken NJ so what - Celebrity Drug Arrests {Artie Lange}

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