Five Finger Discount

Five Finger Discount {Jersey City – and others}

Those of you interested in “local” politics (as well as corruption and crime) should seek out this recently released documentary from Helene Stapinski entitled “Five Finger Discount,” which is her memoir about “growing up in a family of bookies and mobsters, con men and crooks in Jersey City, NJ – the urban heart of East Coast crime and political corruption.”

You can buy the Five Finger Discount book here.

It was funded via Kickstarter, and it’s currently playing on various local channels. Not available online at this time as far as we can tell.

Hoboken is mentioned quite a bit – and probably why the city “density vs. viability” is so troubling today in 2017.

60,000 people in Hoboken never made any sense – when you don’t have the infrastructure to back it up. And why – each time a new 12-story building is approved – you should ask the current administration why they keep allowing the build-up. MONEY is one reason why they ignore the obvious… and appease you with bike sharing and bike lanes instead. (Hello, sheeple?)

A couple teaser footage clips from three years ago below – and some screenshots from actual airing as well.

Five-Finger Discount documentary sample from John Miglietta on Vimeo.

five finger discount documentary jersey city NJ hoboken - Five Finger Discountfive f

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