New restaurant 61-63 14th Street

New restaurant 61-63 14th Street {formerly Liberty Bar}

Plans have been approved for a new “family friendly” bar/restaurant to take the place of the doomed & demolished Liberty Bar at 61-63 14th Street uptown.

Knowing Hoboken – and the time it takes to move a pencil from one desk to another – you’re probably looking at 2018 or 2019 before anything is finished in this spot.

It’s apparently owned by some guy with money, who has created a few other restaurants in NYC – where you can get away with selling anything.

However, in Hoboken – the customers are most likely more discriminate when it comes to their food choices (hence why Liberty pooped out).

For this new “eatery” to survive, they must:

  1. Offer good food at a good value (i.e., not expensive, no food poisoning)
  2. No lame bar crowd, loud mouths, sports idiots
  3. Hire competent staff (i.e., go easy on the millennials)

The new restaurant will have a capacity of 150 people – with outdoor seating in the rear. A couple condos above, and boom-bada-bing – you have a typical Hoboken mixed use property.

Let’s see if they stand out in a positive way – or will be “doomed” before they get going.

old liberty bar 61 63 14th Street Hoboken NJ new restarant - New restaurant 61-63 14th Street

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