Hoboken Trader Joe’s should be 24 hours

Hoboken Trader Joe’s should be 24 hours {would help a lot!}

As far as we can tell – no Trader Joe’s supermarket in the country is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Most of them seem to close around 9pm or 10pm. We strongly feel the Hoboken Trader Joe’s should be 24 hours.


While we like other supermarkets much better – Hoboken desperately needs better choices than Acme or Shoprite. TJ’s partially fills this void, but with a huge caveat.

When Hoboken Trader Joe’s opens up later this year – uptown will be a total clusterf*ck of a scene.

By being open 24 hours a day, Trader Joe’s will:

  • Allow people to shop at their own leisure without the pressure of regular store hours.
  • Let customers purposely AVOID peak times in order to shop in a more civil manner.
  • Potentially lessen the traffic nightmare.
  • Make the uptown area even safer.

But I’m sure Trader Joe’s has some liberal “employee friendly” operating protocol that forbids common sense business decisions like this.

Hoboken Trader Joe’s 24 hours

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