Winning Mega Millions ticket sold in NJ


I checked my ticket, and I didn’t win the Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot. Damnit! Also, as of this moment, the winning location in NJ has yet to be announced.

Gosh, it’d be cool to have a local Hoboken winner, right? The budget problem could be solved with a simple donation!


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I’ve made the same mistake. I was in Vegas 4 years ago and threw a coin down the slots.

7 7 7 came up and I thought I won the jack pot. It was more like I won a couple hundred dollars.


I’ve just been informed I’m an idiot. Pick 6 isn’t megamillions. Wow. Who knew?


I just tried to post this, but it’s in the filter:

I just read that one of two winning tickets was bought in Hoboken at Washington Liquors at 211 Washington St. The other was in Passaic County. For the full story, you’ll have to wait until my filtered post pops up.


I would donate a couple hundred thousand to the homeless shelter, giggle, and move out of Hoboken.