Dumb: “Smart Jacket”

Dumb: “Smart Jacket” from Google and Levi’s

Some cringe-worthy “news” last week included some announcement from Google and Levi’s – and some dopey “smart jacket” that has “tech” inside it. Specifically, tech which connects to your smartphone. Let’s you frantically swipe yourself like an epileptic to perform all sorts of stuff. Like directions and phone calls and music.

This “circling the drain” jean jacket is expected to cost $350, and needs to be charged every day or two.

Yet another plug into the matrix.

The more people become dependent on this “tech” the worse. This “smart jacket” is anything but!

Riding a bicycle requires some skill and paying attention. This is almost worse that than horrific Google Glass idea. Now, instead of being aware of the roads, and pedestrians – bicyclists are going to be fondling themselves to twiddle their mental crutch smartphone while in motion!

Having even ONE headphone in your ear while riding a bike is unsafe. Listening to jibberish in your ear AND taking your hands off the handlebars just increases the likelihood of an accident.

If anything bad comes of this, and it will, it will be hard for me to muster up much sympathy.

Avoid. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

google smart jacket

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