Stop with the “what you need to know” headlines!

“What you need to know” headlines have to stop – clickbait!

Jeez – almost every day, a headline crosses our desk with some dumbass “what you need to know” (about something recent).

Also included are “Here’s what we know so far about…”

Some bird-cage liners are using these phrases almost daily, despite having weak stories.

Who started this dumb trend?

I’m sure it’s in recent marketing and writing books, or possibly it’s “apps” and services like Optimizely – in which a robot helps you pick the most click-baity headlines.

Just like filters for photographs, writing apps have taken all the skill and creativity out of the equation. Let the robot do it!

And today it’s much less about the quality of content – rather than how many clicks or “reads” or “views.” No one is asking if the content was valuable, or the source determined to be trustworthy and worth visiting again. They just don’t care. Because another click-bait headline is just around the corner, and the dumb-dumbs out there will click it anyway.

clickbait headlines what you need to know - Stop with the "what you need to know" headlines!

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