(sn)overreaction in Hoboken

(sn)overreaction once again in Hoboken {birthplace of wussies!}

Back in my day – they NEVER EVER closed schools a day or two before an expected weather event. They waited until the morning of to make their announcements.

And we rarely got any snow days in fact. Lucky if one per year – sometimes none per year! “Delayed openings” on occasion.

Nowadays, they close schools if it’s too frickin’ COLD out. WTF? And they have GoreTex and Thinsulate-enhanced Patagonia jackets, etc.? When did this happen? The Wussification of America!

Anyway – Hoboken roads looked great. No sweat. And if they had waited – it would have been business as normal in town.

But the Post Office was closed? What happened to their famous motto “neither rain nor sleet nor snow…?” That is why we always love bodegas like Town Smoke uptown. They do more for the city than anyone else – and they don’t even live in town!

Hardly anyone out walking the sidewalks. Why is that? Do you think people are inside doing productive things? Building stuff? Learning a new craft or language? NOPE.

They’re all probably deeply absorbed in the social media world. Tweeting. Re-tweeting. Looking at photos from the comfort of their climate controlled shoe box of an apartment.

I knew this chick named Stella once. Looked great with clothes on – but without… what a disappointment. Just like this storm!

(sn)overreaction hoboken

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