More on the big, bad, scary Hoboken “storm frenzy”

Hoboken “Storm frenzy” {again, please explain!}

We mentioned last night about the “storm frenzy” that happens at local supermarkets before each stupidly hyped storm that passes over us each and every stinkin’ year.

So true that hardly anyone learns anything about preparedness from these epic storms that come and go.

My belief is that there is nothing to learn. Everyone is always okay. Even if you did NOT go to Shoprite before the storm – you’d survive.

None of these people who stocked up on Ritz Crackers and sugary soda did anything to elongate their life. In fact, they probably shortened it!

So it’s true as day – these people are VICTIMS of social manipulation and fear. They got caught up in the storm frenzy – and did like obedient slaves all do – followed orders. Worried about themselves unnecessarily. The comedy never ends.

Those who actually know better – were not at the supermarket, that’s for sure (they were probably at the liquor store!)

Having a properly stocked pantry (and freezer) at home is a fundamental life skill. Your slick “apps” and Uber food deliveries at the swipe of a finger are all cool – but are detrimental to your well-being. You’re being conditioned into becoming reliant on others – instead of yourselves!

Here’s a classic Pat Lamb video from a few years back that talks about the exact same thing.

Good stuff!

Hoboken storm frenzy

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