Hoboken Snowpocalypse!

Hoboken Snowpocalypse!

All the hype and scary blizzard forecast graphics have residents rushing like mad to the Shoprite. A true Hoboken Snowpocalypse!

Do people not have a few days worth of food at home? I mean including dairy products and other perishables?

I guess that is a possibility considering how many folks probably order every single bite they consume via “app.”

Shoot, we could get trapped any day of the year – and still have at least a couple weeks or more of edible, healthy foods.

But it’s great to scan people’s carts during “emergencies” like that. The utter garbage they purchase gives you a major clue why everyone is always so sick and clamoring for “healthcare.”

Hoboken Snowpocalypse - Hoboken Snowpocalypse!

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