Yep, it snows in the winter!

Yep, it snows in the winter!

Back in the day, almost everyone knew that “inclement” weather took place fairly regularly in these parts. Including snows in the winter!

In the spring we might get some soaking rains.

In the summer, we get heat-induced thunderstorms.

Every now and then in the fall – a blustery Nor’Easter (or even hurricane – like Sandy or Irene) will “slam” the coast – causing headline-writers to increase their quota of “bracing.”

And of course, in the winter “accumulating” snow makes headlines. We feel it is more headline-grabbing because this frozen form of precipitation is more tangible than regular rain (unless of course, the rain causes “flooding.”)

hoboken snows - Yep, it snows in the winter!

It’s just weather

My point is – that all of this stuff (now) getting sensationalized on social ALL media is absolutely nothing new.

Mother nature quite often throws some relatively impactful weather events our way. Whether it’s via wind, rain, or snow – or more dramatic events like hurricanes, tornados, lightning storms, and so on – it’s been experienced by billions of people before. Countless times, in fact.

Social media makes weather boring

I’ll be honest. When Hoboken411 first started out – almost everyone was not in tune with social media. We covered weather events regularly. Why? Because no one else did to the extent we did. And we enjoyed it because it was something we liked to do (and still do).

But the minute everyone becomes an armchair meteorologist – then we no longer want to play in that arena (publicly at least). It’s not worth it anymore. It’s a cesspool of over-reactions and so on. I watch society misunderstand all the data coming out – and a shitstorm of overreactions – you just have to laugh it off. As well as save a lot of time and mental energy.

And feel sad for many.

It’s just normal weather

Yes, the “extreme” aspects of some weather events are interesting. Like a hurricane or big flood. But a “heavy snowstorm” isn’t all that – other than how it disrupts “modern” society. Travel, parking, etc.

In due time – all that nasty dog-crap filled snow will melt away and further degrade the public sewer lines in time for another disruptive road repair. Par for the course in an urbanity like Hoboken.

Nothing epic about covering weather

Think about this for a minute. Say we get 2-3 feet of snow. It can happen. It has happened.

But what takes place during the week or two this “event” has taken place? Thousands of photos. Some creative ones. As well as videos. People complain (typically about the ineptitude at City Hall). Maybe a tragedy or two takes place. Then the snow melts eventually.

And as the individual seasons change – the social construct will shift towards “blooming flowers” and “shorts weather,” and so on. The big, bad, Blizzard is a forgotten memory. Like a cheap hooker.

It’s like these events are subconsciously welcome by most. Because they distract them as they all get closer to the day they die. Another time-consumer. A way to pass the time with something dramatic and emotional. Gone are the days of just completing your tasks of the day happily.

Social media part 2: the hype

(disclaimer – I’m not necessarily against the communication forms we have available – but I’m more concerned with how it affects human beings).

In the past 12 years (on this site at least) – there has been a profound change. A change in the way people “get informed” (in quotes because it’s only partially true).

Most, if not all, people dip into the internet almost constantly. And in 2017, that would likely include everything and everything you can think of. Including weather.

So when someone “important” “Tweets” a scary graphic of weather computer model showing “36 inches of snow” for some area – people no longer ask questions first – like “what are the probabilities?” or “how many hours out is this forecast?” NO. They just “TWEET” it out – without any thought. This is what fuels many wrong things. Disinformation – or highly suspect data.

It used to just be the water cooler at work. Two or three people spending a minute or two chit-chatting, then getting back to your tasks.

Now it’s the entire “company” chatting about it. And each step of the way. The storm goes from 6″ to 24″ back down to 8″ all the way up to 30″ then back down to 12″. You get the point. They “react” to each subtle change in the forecast. Annoying.


hoboken snow blizzard march 2017 - Yep, it snows in the winter!

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City said they would start ticketing cars for parking after just Wednesday. So hungry for money that zimmer chick is.


Even money that a water main break will add to the fun in the next day or two.