Freezing! {Yep, it’s still very much winter!}

freezing snow girlPeople never change. They experience “anomalies” in the weather (like a nice warm stretch we recently “enjoyed” beyond belief), and all of a sudden, when it goes back to WHAT IT IS FRIGGIN SUPPOSED TO BE, they get all up in arms. Like they were slighted change at the checkout at RiteAid.

If you like “nice weather” then move somewhere where it is ALWAYS NICE!


Remember, the best thing about living in an environment that is “four seasons,” is that you can find things in each quadrant to appreciate.

  • Gorgeous spring blooms
  • Hot summer days and perfect surf temps
  • Awe-inspiring “fall foliage,” and
  • Postcard-like winter landscapes

Take the good with the bad. And get over your narcissistic self!

Here’s a fun video from local comedian, vlogger, and cartoonist Pat Lamb. He’s great. Other than the fact he keeps the audio volume TOO HIGH on his videos when he speaks. PAT: learn to adjust the audio soundtrack a few notches lower when you’re on your dialogue!!


PS – Subscribe to Pat Lamb’s YouTube Channel Here!

PPS – There is potential for a “disruptive” snow early next week. NOW WHAT? Call the funeral parlor?

freezing stop complaining about the weather

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