Viaduct warning sign


We all know bridge structural safety made news in the last year, and I just noticed what appeared to be a relatively new sign on Willow and 14th this week.

The 14th Street viaduct is probably not that safe either! I’m sure the sign applies to each vehicle, because I’m sure there is more than 28 tons of cars on the structure during peak times!


Take the long way.

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Just how many cars would equal 28 tons? That’s what needs to be addressed before people get scared. I did the math below.

28 tons = 56,000 lbs.

The weight for a standard 2008 Toyota Camry is 3,680 lbs.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but that works out to 15 1/4 Camry’s on the viaduct before it’s unsafe. That’s cars and not trucks or buses which would require less vehicles to achieve the max weight.


I’ll take the PATH. LOL


That sign went up last year, soon after the Minnesota bridge collapse. (I notice it every time I go to Supreme Fitness.)