A Mosque in Hoboken?

How would you feel about a Mosque in Hoboken?

You know, everyone is about “diversity” and all that Jazz. People say a lot of things as their form of Virtue Signaling. But what if there was a proposal to build a Mosque in Hoboken?

As you can see from this video below – the folks in Bayonne, NJ said “NO” to that.

“After several lawsuits by CAIR, backed by the Obama Department of Justice, communities have finally learned that to ban a mosque, they have to come up with a bunch of reasons that have nothing to do with their not wanting the followers of the this hate cult posing as a religion to put down roots in their neighborhoods.”

Would the people of Hoboken welcome that – or say “thanks, but not here..?”

“mayor” don Zimmer uses “Mosques” as political fodder

It’s clear that the “mayor” don Zimmer is actually inviting it. Sure, it’s a form of leftist political posturing, but the writing is on the wall now. We’ll see what the future brings.

dawn zimmer mosque hoboken NJ - A Mosque in Hoboken?

She’s making a blanket statement and she assumes she speaks for the residents of Hoboken. While we already have many churches and synagogues so there’s no real (technical) reason why we shouldn’t “allow” other religious venues, however, these other religious temples were built decades (some 100+) years ago. Where would she put a mosque? She hasn’t completed a single project/amenity from start to finish on her own in the eight years she’s had the title of “mayor.”

And how would you address the way some religions treat women? Would she (and Stan) convert?

And pretty much everything ends up in litigation with the City of Hoboken because Dawn takes all her orders from Stan The Shadow Mayor, the man who has the worst business skills in town.

So, knowing there’s no land or adequate building for the growing Muslim population, don is making this statement merely to gain attention and votes from liberal sympathizers.

If the Muslim community called her on her offer, in true fashion of the “Googly-Eyed mayor,” she would hem and haw and make some more platitudes but she would never follow through. She hasn’t completed a single damn project in this town.

It’s an election year, and as the status quo career politician (who loves white-glove platinum healthcare), she’s throwing all the mud she can against the wall to see what sticks, what gives her more attention and can translate into votes.

Just food for thought as you navigate through this mixed up melting pot we find ourselves in.

Hoboken Mosque - A Mosque in Hoboken?

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