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Social Validation {almost everyone}

social validation selfie willie wonka - Social ValidationHow much of your life in 2017 is reliant in *some* degree to social validation?

And what do I mean by that?

I guess in the most minimal fashion – ANY recognition you get from your posts, updates, photos, etc. that you publish online.

I can bet that people have varying degrees of internal satisfaction dependent upon how much was “said” about things they post.

Say, for example, someone posts 100 timeline updates a week. You can say that the ones that got more “oohs” and “aahs” make them feel better than those that got less.

That’s a form of social validation – as well as a barometer for many people’s happiness… today.

But is that kind of validation healthy?

I personally do not think so.

And it’s nearly unprecedented compared to just a couple decades ago. This level of non-stop pecking order, competitiveness, keeping up with the Joneses, cannot continue forever.

Sure, everyone appreciates some kind of recognition from others. Typically from family members, friends, and other peers. But does it have to be all day long?

Much of what people used to do (seems out of fashion these days), was find individual contentment. Satisfaction from themselves. Their inner goals and desires.

Today? You can’t do jack squat without seeing someone “sharing” that moment with someone else via a digital tablet.

Black Mirror Nosedive

This brilliant episode of the forward-thinking, provocative TV series Black Mirror sums up probably how most people feel with the daily “ups and downs” of the fast-paced social media world.

And also one of the reasons we just don’t care anymore about what we deem the social cesspool. Haven’t for many years. Yeah, we see what’s going on – but understand deeply that it isn’t what it appears as for most people. Despite their beliefs.

It’s just another phase of human evolution, I guess. But I’m fairly confident that this will not become the norm in perpetuity. But rather just a short slice of human history. Interesting while it lasted. People will disconnect fast. That’s my call.

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