Coca-Cola {less than ever}

We gave up the sodas over five years ago. That includes (real) sugar and most fake sugars. So the big soda companies don’t really play a role in our lives. But WTF is up with the Coca-Cola brand of beverages?

coca-cola ad very odd


One – I noticed these GOD AWFUL ads recently.

They feature mysteriously ambiguous characters.

Is this a feminine looking MAN with makeup?

Or is this a woman?

Why would they do something like that? What is the purpose?

Second – here’s an article from OANN:

Coca-Cola Serves Up Gay-Friendly Ad For All Genders, Generations

(video below)

Soft drinks maker Coca-Cola Co has launched a gay-friendly ad featuring a brother and sister vying for the attention of a handsome pool boy in the campaign that has won praise for diversity and inclusion.

“Sibling rivalry never looked more inclusive,” Out Magazine said of the commercial that debuted last week. Marketing Week also approved.

While gay-themed movies and television shows are commonplace, advertising has been slower to embrace same-sex couples, especially among marquee brands.

The ad, part of the company’s global “Taste the Feeling” campaign, features a teenage girl ogling the pool boy from a downstairs window while her brother does the same from upstairs.

The duo race to the refrigerator and try to trip each other in a bid to be the first to give the open-shirted worker an ice-cold Coke as the Italian song “Come Prima” plays in the background.

Despite the siblings’ efforts, by the time they reached the pool guy their mother had already given him a Coke.

The ad has no dialogue and is one of four in the company’s new global campaign.

“It’s a human story where Coca-Cola plays a key role in the development of the drama,” said Ali Brubaker, senior manager of global brand PR for the company.

“We are managing culturally relevant messages organically within our spots not as the main subject of the story but as sub-text.”

Why do MEGA companies like Coke do this?

Seriously – why do garbage water companies like Coca-Cola have to be involved with humanity like this?

What do they gain by trying to shape the public like that?

Or better yet – who is forcing them to do it?

I know they’re all pieces of a much larger global puzzle – but by God, terribly annoying. Thankfully we only see them when we decide it’s time for an opinion piece.

Anyway – here’s another BS Coca-Cola commercial from the early 70’s… look at the diversity back then. They’ve been with the global program for a LONG TIME!

coca-cola oh boy

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