Paying for WHAT?

Paying for WHAT? {society gone wrong}

Every city has annual budgets, financial planners, and decades of collective and documented experience running their enclaves. And as they say, “practice makes perfect,” don’t you think they’d have this financial thing nailed down by now? I mean don’t they factor in “intangibles” each year? Like money set aside for “possible snow events” or other uncertain, unplannable “rainy day” type situations?

Then SIMPLE one-day events like St. Patrick’s Day, or dumb social zombie crawls like SantaCon, etc. come along and they cry about needing money to pay for it. PAYING FOR WHAT exactly? Unbudgeted expenses? Minor at that?

Making business owners or event organizers cough up their money to pay for city services that are SUPPOSED TO BE INCLUDED in the over $100 million dollars the city receives each year is a CROCK.

The city is supposed to be an open enterprise environment. And built-in to the annual costs, the city should ALWAYS anticipate the “what if’s” and NEVER ask for extra from people who just want to live and conduct businesses without harassment. And you certainly didn’t see anyone crying “who’s going to pay for the extra police” when they protested at City Hall for a previous short-term mayor.

Do any of these cities ever bill sports teams if they happen to make the playoffs and, as a result, nighttime activity increases by 50% and thus requires more police presence? NO. It’s built into the budget.

paying to celebrate in Hoboken NJ - Paying for WHAT?

Control Freaks

In the end – because some people do NOT enjoy the possibilities of a capitalistic society – and like life to be structured according to their own personal rules, they try and make it difficult for some to freely do business in town without paying extra.

While we don’t necessarily enjoy the mass level of stupidity that happens during these drunken events ourselves – we’re okay with managing for the short term – in exchange for the freedom to have those events.

Footnote: What cities across the country should be doing instead of chomping at low-hanging fruit, is cracking that horrible nut called the public pension system. Cut it’s head off. Make all new hires only voluntary retirement contributions and reduce those bloated budget line-items once and for all.

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Good discussion. You build a city, then charge people who would like to use the services? That concept no one I know can understand why it is wrong.

Like they do not want anything to become popular enough to cause extra expense for the city.

Their argument goes out the window the minute something natural comes their way.

Because humans are natural and unpredictable just as much.