Zimmer: priorities in the wrong place in Hoboken

Hoboken’s Zimmer has her priorities in the wrong place


Ash Wednesday, one of the busiest days for any Catholic Church when more 1,500 people came through the doors of Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken to get ashes. As I sit in my study overlooking Willow Avenue and Church Square Park trying to relax and watch my favorite show, “Chicago PD,” I am restless.

zimmer joker - Zimmer: priorities in the wrong place in HobokenNot from crossing ashes on foreheads, or meeting so many faithful people, or doubling my normal Garmin steps today.

No, from the sounds of Suez Water and Creamer Construction digging up Willow and Fifth at the exact spot where they repaired the water main break on Fat Tuesday.

That’s right. Waking up 5:30 on February 28, 2017, I had no water running from my bathroom sink and heard lots of movement on Willow. I looked out the window and saw flatbeds lifting the cars parked in what appeared to be a growing lake.

I had Sandy deja vu, worrying that water would flood the school basement and ruin our electrical, elevator and gas systems. Suez did its job and cut the water flow and the whole team had Willow repaved into the wee hours of Ash Wednesday morning.

But nothing stays normal in Hoboken for very long. And this somewhat prosperous city has had a declining quality of life because Mayor Dawn Zimmer has her priorities wrong. She’s all for dog parks, bicycle lanes and frustrating car owners with her engineered traffic jams, instead of focusing on an aging infrastructure. And people evidently agree.

The recent poll found that 95% of respondents believe that, “Hoboken could do more to prevent water main breaks.” And the voters amounted to .5 per cent of the population. So when “Eyewitness News” interviewed Zimmer about my on-air blame squarely on her, she brought up the soon-to-be debacle of Washington Street and a new contract with Suez Water.

If she were a newbie mayor, she’d get a pass. But after nearly eight years as mayor, this just points out how negligent she has been. She has catered to her select newbies who respond to her chic concerns: putting in protected bike lanes, which are hardly ever used. And proliferating dog parks; one which is right across from one of the oldest churches in the country. She did not put it there, but would not consider moving it when Church Square Park was redone. Forgive me for being delicate but there’s nothing like the aroma of dog feces to get you into the mood for going to Mass.

Driving in and through Hoboken, parking, pulling over on most streets to try to do some business have become nightmares.

Forget about “The Cake Boss,” being synonymous with Hoboken. It’s the frequent water main breaks, disruptions of normal life and frustrations of living in a city that needs to address serious deficiencies because of its overbuilding.

I felt sorry for the car owner whose car gradually sunk below the street in the latest water main break and was totaled. But in a way, it perfectly demonstrates how Zimmer can be rated on her neglect of infrastructure: going down fast.

Zimmer priorities wrong place hoboken NJ - Zimmer: priorities in the wrong place in Hoboken

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 2:06 pm

Well Said! And it needs to be said again and again. The Bike lanes are a disaster and it’s probably best that they are rarely used. Eventually there is going to be a serious accident. I’m surprised there hasn’t been one yet. That along with less and less available parking and the installation of the Paid Parking meters. It certainly seems like the Mayor particularly has Motorists in her sight. Hoboken is in need of a desperate change. Doubtful if it will ever happen.

Monday, March 6, 2017 9:10 am

Stick to your flock Father. Church leaders in this country need to remember that you enjoy tax exempt status until you get into the political fray.
How much property tax did the church pay to help sustain the water infrastructure?
Church leaders, on both the left and the right, who are subsidized by those of us who pay significant income and property taxes need to stick to religion and stay out of politics.

Reply to  briank
Monday, March 6, 2017 11:35 am

Said the guy who probably applauded Meryl Streep and Madonna, and is a big zimmer supporter.

Reply to  briank
Thursday, March 9, 2017 9:54 pm

What gives you the right to tell anybody else what to do? Don’t Blame others cause you’re getting ripped off in Hoboken!

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