News headlines (you can do without)

News headlines (c’mon already!)

The following accurately represents recent news headlines from national “media” and some local fish-wraps:

Useless national news headlines


  • McDonald’s sends a nasty “tweet” about Trump. Most of you saw this. It was utterly useless, and a symptom of our technological social cesspool. One, I don’t give a crap what McDonald’s says – as we haven’t given them a penny in nearly a decade – and never will. Two, even if the dopey “tweet” was hacked or not. Who cares? The less we pay attention to what an obesity-causing operation does, the better. Total waste of time.
  • Trump’s tax return. You know how that went. So much energy spent trying to discredit the elected President of the United States. If that energy was put into making their collective neighborhoods better – life as you know it would be vastly improved.
  • Any and all “free speech” conversations. I hate news articles that give exposure (and attempted credibility) to the free speech conversation – trying to actually control what people say. While that sounds hypocritical, we feel it shouldn’t have to be a discussion at all. You should be free to say whatever you want. Even if it’s threatening. As long as you don’t touch me – or mess with my family or property – jabber away! (Of course, slander, libel with the intent to harm someone non-violently is just wrong.)

Local crap

  • Fender bender causes delays! (Of five frickin’ minutes). Really – was that even necessary?

  • Someone “cheated” the EZpass system. Once again, the do-no-good news goes after “offenders” of the pay-to-drive-on roads – instead of figuring out how much money they steal from citizens goes down the drain (or in someone’s back pocket). Screw them. Stop peddling “news” for the gov’t! All toll roads should go away, as the gas tax is supposed to pay for all of that!
  • Snow coverage. What to do. What is closed. (And then – what went wrong with the forecast?) All of this is a complete waste of time. All of those established rules, routes, and parking options have already been published – and should be known by everyone. Parroting that crap out again and again each time implies that people are stupid. Oh, wait. They are. If people do not know what to do if a storm is coming – then they should learn the hard way – this way it wouldn’t happen again. Either way, a waste of time for our area – because it was not the biblical storm they were hyping.

best use for news headlines

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