Car accident: 9th & Hudson


Heard this over the Live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner moments ago. “MVA at 904 Hudson Street, with injuries. Apparently a MOS member was involved, supposedly three vehicles…”

Plates of the cars involved were: NJ SVH-96R, NJ SWU-90H, NJ VKE-40F.

hoboken car accident 9th hudson streets - Car accident: 9th & Hudson

A couple observations/comments:

  1. I hope everyone is ok (they told the ambulance to “slow it down” so the injuries do not appear severe)
  2. How do three cars get involved in an accident on one-way streets with stop signs?
  3. I was always wondering what they meant by “MOS” when they referenced it on the radio, so I looked up what the possibilities were. “Metal-Oxide Semiconductor?” Nah… “Man of Steel?”.. Nope.. “Mother over Shoulder?”.. No way.. HEY! Sounds most like “Member of Service (police)?” Seems like it might refer to either a cop, fireman or possibly just any city worker? Does anyone know for sure?

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A) simple double rear end,
B) Rear end w/ impact of V1 into a parked car
C) Rear end w/ swearve of V2 into a parked car
D) V1 turns onto 10th, stops for Ped, V2 doesn’t want to wait so he tries to squeeze through, but sideswipes V1, and a parked car.

but who are we kidding, stopping for a ped?


[quote comment=”94813″]try 3[/quote]
I know. If I had actually read your entire entry before I sent my response, I would have noticed that. 😳


try 3


[quote comment=”94670″][quote]How do three cars get involved in an accident on one-way streets with stop signs?[/quote]

scenario #1: first car with right of way traveling up road when all of a sudden the second car at the stop sign runs into first car, pushing it into a third parked car on the side.

scenario #2: first and second cars with right of way are both traveling one behind another up the road when all of a sudden the third car at the stop sign runs into both cars, the first car is hit on rear, the second car is hit on the front both by the third car.

scenario #3: all three cars are traveling one behind another with right of way up the road when all of a sudden a flock of pigeons desperately trying to escape a man with a net swoop down on the three cars, pick each one up, and attempt to drop the cars on the man with the net, but instead misses and all three cars are piled up upon one another.

Damn pigeons[/quote]
It if actually took place on 10th & Hudson, cars travel west on 10th so a car wouldn’t be coming into oncoming traffic on Hudson unless it was backing up. We need another scenario please 😛


I think it was theory 3, will that said I order some piegon last night, wow does that bird taste like shit!