Why Hollywood matters much less today

Why Hollywood matters much less today (than ever before!)

This article: “Why Hollywood matters much less…” is targeted towards those that “love” the entertainment industry. If you’ve already moved beyond this shallow aspect of our lives – you’re just part of our choir (but are more than welcome to continue).

If you don’t already know, the team at Hoboken411 has taken a massive step away from “mainstream” anything. In our collective “old age,” we believe we’ve “seen the light” in terms of how the world operates. From the financial apparatus, to government apparatchiks, to psychological warfare – and everything in between. The world of humanity is royally screwed up. In a profound number of ways. Way too long to detail here.

However, we will talk about “Hollywood.” And more specifically the entertainment industry that is literally consuming millions of sad souls.

Entertainment (i.e., bread and circuses)

The general footnote of history is, when a “society” is run by “powerful” entities – they need a way to subdue or pacify the “masses” that significantly outnumber them.

To put it another way, if a large body of people “wake up” and realize they’re being FLEECED, they, by nature, will REVOLT and commandeer those who have been holding them back. Basic stuff.

However, (and fill in the blanks if you must), at some point in history – some smart individuals realized that if you keep that large (and dangerous) majority SUBDUED, you can continue your racket ad infinito. That is what we believe the Romans did – keep them fed, and distracted (entertained).

It worked for a while here in the USA

For several decades (and before the big, bad internet), the “TV” was king.

And beyond TV, there was radio, print, and even Broadway productions. The outlets for “entertainment” were far and few between. Even real circuses existed (before animal rights activists ruined all that shit too).

But in general – most humans had vivid imaginations and plenty of time to gestate them.

The internet has posed a problem, no?

When the internet came along in the 90’s – it was bleak. Limited very much for a while. Then it just became a part of humanity in the developed world.

And and the same time – it also expanded without checks and balances.

To this day, the interconnected world is prevalent. 90% of people out and about are dipping into whatever data stream they choose to allow. Go to any mass shopping center and just observe. You’ll be astonished.

But why doesn’t Hollywood matter?

Well, for starters – Hollywood never really “mattered” whatsoever. Never.

When all we had was limited access to this “elite” group of people who were “allowed” to make “major motion pictures” or top-selling albums, they somehow became our idols. And because of those limitations – a good chunk of humanity became enamored by them. And their awards shows, and so on.

And most Hollywood figures back then did NOT get involved with personal issues.

They felt their body of work was enough to sway people.


Many Hollywood actors and actresses speak out about (insert name here).

What makes me think there is something else going on – is the fact that everyone is capable of being bought and sold.

The main point: Why Hollywood matters much less today

As many critics have already pointed out: Hollywood actors and actresses are simply that. “Players.”

Just because they were involved with or were part of a successful (as you would coin in) “business venture,” they now feel they can use their “audience” as a sounding board.

I think otherwise. I can bet that almost all “celebrity” actors and actresses that have been forced to make speeches or other outlandish claims – to have been either contractually or other ways of coercing folks to obey.

Screw Hollywood.

Here’s Jerry Seinfeld actually telling some truth a decade ago. Look at how uncomfortable some people are. Haha!

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