Power outage downtown


A Hoboken411 reader called me to ask “what’s going on” with the power downtown. They heard what sounded like a possible transformer explosion, and lost power. Businesses in the area also lost power (like not-so lucky Legal Beans, etc.)

I heard on the Live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner that PSE&G is aware of the “problem,” and power should be restored in an hour or hour and a half.

Not sure exactly what was the cause of the outage.

Welcome to Hoboken!

hoboken downtown power outage july 22 2008 - Power outage downtown

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[quote comment=”94481″]I’m sure PSE&G will include rebates on everyone’s bills. 8O[/quote]

sure, the rebate was you didn’t use any electricity while the power was out!

not directed at you….but i don’t understand what people want. the system is at capacity and it’s costly and complicated to upgrade. the customers show no sign of wanting to do anything to reduce wasteful energy consumption, and the power companies face a lot of challenges in upgrading the infrastructure. it’s going to be done but it’s not like flipping a switch.

my dad works for the power company in PA, which generates most of our (NJ) electricity, and they are having issues getting zoning approvals of the high capacity cables to deliver the electricity, so they end up doing the lower capacity cables and maxing the load out, which results in brownouts and power outages. so the problem does not lie with just the power companies.


Where was the power out exactly? Anyone know?


I’m sure PSE&G will include rebates on everyone’s bills. 😯


Power back on at 107pm