Hoboken Pride

Hoboken pride is apparently fake

People are always touting so many “great” things from their soapboxes. Charities. “Eco-friendly” stuff. Bike sharing (and associated bike lanes and other “pedestrian safety” crap.) So much collectivist Hoboken pride in things it appears.

But it seems that it’s all words and no action.

Take this ugly bag of refuse on the main drag. I watched as dozens of people walked by. Perfectly okay with the mess in a town they call home.

And I don’t care if it looks like recycling or not (and shouldn’t be “mixed” with other garbage.) It was unsightly. So I did what anyone who gives a crap should have done long before. Put it in the damn can. Five seconds of effort to improve the city.

If everyone got off their damn phones and picked up just one out of place piece of garbage, the city would look a helluva lot nicer. But that will never happen, because “it’s someone else’s duty” to do those things.

Hoboken Pride missed it by that much - Hoboken Pride

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